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our ethos has always been to design & make beautiful, simple & long
lasting furniture & accessories, to make them from discarded materials, to use reclaimed & sustainably sourced timber & to be as eco-friendly & low impact as we can, but we are by no means perfect.
since starting in 2001 it has become more important to us to become
more eco-friendly (sometimes easier said than done).
there are still things we want to change. these things take time,
effort, research & dedication and there is, after all, only two of us in
this small business of ours. so, as our products & our way of working evolve & improve,we will, of course, let you know.

in the meantime, our workshop is run on goodenergy & off-cuts for
our wood burner and is rented from a dedicated charity promoting
sustainable living. we use small local suppliers for our materials to
support the local economy & reduce our need to travel too far.
glues, sealants & finishing oils & waxes are eco-friendly, solvent free
and non-toxic (with one or two exceptions that we are currently
working to change). we try not to produce too much waste. sawdust
from our workshop goes to our local potter who uses it for raku firing
and to the yarner trust who use it for their composting toilets. slate
pieces too small to use are broken up & used for paths in our garden.
our oak off-cuts keep us warm in winter.
all packaging is made from recycled cardboard, shredded newspaper is
used for packing & our bubblewrap is eco-friendly & biodegradable.

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